A well established property developer specialising in offering high-quality and well-designed residential accomodation at an affordable price point. We believe standards of quality and standards and continue our commitment to developing vibrant communities in popular high-demand locations.Dubai is a global metropolis offering a world-class infrastructure and the higest quality of living in the region. It is also enjoys a trade and industry in the Middle East. The city’s real estate enjoys a global clientele and has consistently offered one of the Premium lifestyle in a bustling global destination higest returns on property investment in the world, making it the leading choice of local and international property buyers.

Well Appointed

Our concept of a great living space revolves around a combination of open unhindered spaces, soothing textures, pleasing colours, natural ambient lighting integrated with modern technology and comforts. We honour these time tested Thoughtful designed, elegantly built traditions when we build your home and our customers vouch for it.

Comfortable lifestyle

Our homes are where we spend nearly half our lives. We believe they should be cosy, comfortable, functional and customised to the needs and wants of our customers. We build our homes motivated only by these goals and offer our customers a highly satisfying and well-designed home which they love to come back to.

True harmony

Tabeer 1 is designed and built to create a pleasing harmony of elements which appeal to a modern, urban resident. From our quite and comfortable residential location, to the quick and easy building access, from the well equipped bathrooms and kitchens to the easy access to all major landmarks - you will check most of the boxes that
Uplifting your mind and your senses harmonise everything within and around.



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